Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 204 pages
Genre: Contemporary Christian Western Romance
Publisher Desert Life Media
Content Rating PG + M. My book deals with a main character overcoming his sexually immoral past. He is in active recovery and God’s grace and strenghth shine through his story line. Written tastefully with character showing true remorse for his past actions. There are NO cursing or graphic descriptions of any kind.
Book Description:

​She’s famous and nearing the end of her career. He’s blunt, bossy, and downright annoying. Will these two find the perfect balance between truth and love?

Sports fanatic Derin Vargas steps down from his position as foreman of Vargas Ranch to run the family’s new sports complex. Uncomfortable in his new role, he compensates by being bossy. When a famous pro-tennis player stays at the resort to rehab after surgery, Derin points out her shortcomings no one else will.

Pro-tennis player Madison Moore heads to a remote sports complex on Vargas Guest Ranch & Resort to finish rehabbing after shoulder surgery. As she fears the death of her pro career, the bossy cowboy manager gets under her skin.

​Will Derin soften his rough edges to win over the beautiful tennis player? Will Madison listen to the hard truth about her future while opening her heart to love?

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Meet the Author:
Karen Baney is passionate about writing stories full of flawed characters. She enjoys weaving together stories of second chances, redemption, and overcoming personal trials. As a transplant to Arizona, she loves researching the state’s history and finding ways to seamlessly incorporate real history and real settings into her novels. In addition to writing and speaking, Karen works as a Software Development Manager for a Christian ministry.

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