• HOW TO PLAY: Take a category card from the stack and choose a category for the round. To start a round, announce the category and tap the timer button in the center of the TAPPLE wheel. On your turn, you have 10 seconds to name an answer for the category starting with an available letter on the TAPPLE wheel. Press the first letter of your answer, tap the button to reset the timer, and pass the turn. Letters pressed can no longer be used for the round, so the pressure mounts as letters are eliminated. Continue play until a player collects three cards and wins! For longer games, play to four, five or more!
  • Includes 1 Tapple wheel with built-in timer, 36 cards (144 categories), rules
  • 2-8 Players | Ages 8+ | 15-20+ Min Play Time


We had a blast playing this word game. The 36 playing cards were double-sided: one side with easy topics and one side more challenging. Example of simple category: Name a pizza topping. Challenging: Name a city. Not every letter was on the wheel. There was no Q, U, V, X Y, or Z.  

The game was fun was there wasn’t enough cards in the pack. We played for an hour and did over half of them. I didn’t see more cards for sale, so what do we do after we play all the categories: make our own or let it collect dust? 

Loved the idea of the game, but the last of extensions affected my score.

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