I remember playing a version of this game when I was a kid. Back then, Mrs. White was a suspect. This latest edition, they have replaced her with Dr. Orchid. The game is still loads of fun; however, I wish there were more clue sheets in the box.

Amazon does sell some, but they are not official Hasbro products. There are some sellers who have the new logo on detective sheets, but when you blow the image up, Mrs. White is still listed as a suspect. 

While my family enjoys the game very much, the inability to replenish gaming resources is a major issue. 

When I contacted Hasbro, they told me to “make my own cards” or “buy alternate cards on Amazon.” 

Wow, you’d think they’d want customers buying official products from them. 

We created our own sheets – which we shouldn’t have needed to do. 

Hasbro, get on the ball and create replacement sheets with Dr. Orchid on them. Please and thank you! 


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