(Hope Series, Book 3)

Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 261 pages
Genre: Inspirational Romance
Content Rating:  PG + M. These books contain mature themes.

The title of this novel is perfectly suitable to its meaning. The Certain Hope is the one of a couple of lonely guys that decided to marry after two weeks of dating. The groom believes that everything will go fine, especially if the bride will do only what he wants. He is control addicted, she is a romantic girl who believes in having met the man of her dreams. Through this behavioral contrast, the author built a great story, focused on the burning topics of marriage, loss and control addiction. In my view, the novel is a little, big literary masterpiece for the underlying meaning that oozes from every chapter. I believe that The Certain Hope deserves to be translated internationally and this thought is my certain hope for the success of this gripping romance novel. — review by Advices books Reviews

Book Description:

​Love at first sight. It’s every girl’s dream. But Tara Simpkins is finding out it’s not as easy as it seems. Is this truly the man God sent to be her husband, or is she just desperate to escape her loneliness? The recent loss of both parents has left her reeling, and close friends don’t think she’s in any position to make major life decisions. She and her new-found love are convinced they can live happily ever after in the home of their dreams. His family thinks he’s moving way too fast and might disappoint the kind-hearted woman he’s fallen head over heels for. And then there’s Leah. Leah is supposed to be part of his past, but what if she decides she’s his future? Tara’s match made in Heaven may be over before it truly begins.

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Meet the Author:

E. C. Jackson began her writing career with the full-length play “Pajama Party.” Thirty-one years later, she adapted the play into Pajama Party: The Story, a companion book to the second book in the five-book standalone Hope series.

Jackson’s favorite pastime is reading fiction. She enjoys taking the journey along with the characters in the books. That also led to her unorthodox approach to story writing. Her vision for each book she writes is to immerse readers into the storyline so they become connected with each character.

“The Write Way: A Real Slice of Life” is the slogan on her Facebook author page. She feels that if every person reading her books feels connected to the characters, her job is done.

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