Category:  Children’s Fiction (ages 4 to 8), 32 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Content Rating:  G.  Suitable for everyone.

Book Description:

On the first day of school, Maya wakes up with a terrible flu. As she sneezes, coughs, and burns up with a fever, she can’t quite understand why she is sick. And why isn’t she getting better?

Thankfully for her, there are tiny warriors in her body that are battling for her well-being. Follow these warriors as they fight to keep Maya safe in this epic showdown between the immune system and the flu.

​For ages 4-8, this book is perfect for young kids learning how their body works. By accompanying Maya’s warriors on their journey, readers will better understand their immune systems and illnesses.

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Author Manasi Vegesna

Meet the Author:

Manasi Vegesna is a passionate author from Arizona who is interested in biology and medicine. She has utilized her love for immunology in order to help future young generations face their sickness with courage. In the future, she hopes to further dive into the wonders of science through more imaginative stories. Currently a high school senior, she continues to remain curious. When she’s not doing her homework, you can catch her playing the violin or reading a book. Or, she’s probably binging Disney movies.

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