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PROS: This puzzle brought back so many memories. Movies that I loved to watch. Games I couldn’t wait to play when they first came out. Even snacks that my child loves to eat.


CONS: When I looked at the mini pieces, I thought There’s no way I will get through this without losing my hair. I did though. Some areas were tricky, like the chair. (not a con, loved the challenge). Thanks to the image being cut off, the top and bottom stumped me for a while. Who doesn’t show an image is its entirety?! Another con, the pieces DID NOT lock into place with ease. Often times, I doubted my placement. Not cool, TOYNK! 


SUMMARY: While I loved the nostalgia of the puzzle; there were too many speed bumps in the road to ignore. 




🧩 Happy Puzzling!! 🧩


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