Do you like dice games? Card games? Speed games? Yahtzee Frenzy is all three, rolled up into one fast-paced game! 

My daughter and I found the game at Target, went home, and immediately opened it up.

The game box has enough dice for 4 players, combo cards, and “power-ups.” We did not use the “power-ups.” We kept things simple.

We did follow some rules. Since it was just us two playing, we placed 3 cards face up between us. If we had one more player, it would’ve been 4 cards. We didn’t yell out “FRENZY” like the rules stated, but we did slap the card once we had rolled a match. We didn’t play 6 rounds. We played until we reached 1/2 the deck, totaled the points on the cards, we won, and then used the second 1/2 of the card for round two. 

We ignored all yellow boxes on cards because they involved the “power-ups.” We did not use the blank cards either. 

Our chief complaint, after playing the game, was our palms were hurting from smacking the table so hard and so much. However, we laughed constantly, so the pain was worth it.

I did a quick search and could not find the game on Amazon, but you can purchase it at Target (in-store and online). 


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🎲 Happy Gaming!! 🎲


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