Category: Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12),  174 pages
Genre: Historical fiction
Content Rating:  G. It’s middle grade. No foul language. No sex scenes.
Book Description:

It’s 1933 in Berlin. The Nazis have seized power, and for thirteen-year-old Amelie Meyer life is changing in ways she never could have imagined.

​Her new teacher is picking on Jewish students, her friends are starting to shun her for not joining their Aryan youth group and her father is getting remarried. As tensions mount at home and school, Amelie embarks on a perilous journey – with nothing less than her whole future at stake.



Category: Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12),  166 pages
Genre: Historical fiction
Content Rating:  G. It’s middle grade. No foul language. No sex scenes.
Book Description:

Tragedy brings Amelie Meyer back to Berlin. It’s been four years since she was forced to flee her home, leaving everything behind — including her father.

​Transformed by the Nazis, Berlin is now a drab and dangerous city, and Amelie can’t wait to return to Paris. But before she can leave, she finds herself swept up in an intrigue that makes her question everything she thinks she knows about her father. Is he a traitor or a hero? The only way to find out is to put her own life on the line.



Author Nancy McDonald
Meet the Author:

Nancy McDonald began her career as a journalist on television programs that include W5, Canada AM and Marketplace before going on to become a sought-after freelance writer, penning everything from documentaries to live-action scripts to comic books. The Doktor’s Daughter, the sequel to Girl on the Run, is her fourth novel. Nancy lives in Stratford, Ontario where she revels in Shakespeare, treads the boards with the Perth County Players and works part-time at Fanfare Book, Stratford’s only independent bookseller.

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