My daughter is obsessed with Marvel, so this puzzle was her pick. The border was easy. the insides proved more challenging. With teamwork, we were able to crank this out in a week and half. FYI: We didn’t work on it everyday. 

1st: We did the border. 

2nd: We pieced together our focal points: bright lines on both sides. 

3rd: The black was a bit trickier, so we found all the knuckle pieces and any line that on his suit that matched. 

4th: She was proud to show me that she pieces together the face and left hand while I did the right and bottm section. 

5th: Since she worked so hard, I (of course) allowed her to place the last ten pieces. 


There were times my daughter wanted to box up the puzzle, but I’m glad I didn’t let her give up. She was proud to see it finished. It is quite nice. Right?


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🧩 Happy Puzzling!! 🧩



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