First, I’m sorry for the generic title. The box didn’t have a name for the puzzle and I couldn’t locate the puzzle on the company’s site or at Amazon. I did buy the puzzle at Target. Maybe you’ll find it on their site. 

Second, this puzzle took way longer than expected. One, so many puzzle pieces (of the same color) locked into place in more than one location. This irritated the heck out of me. I also discovered, thanks to this puzzle, that I have difficulty differentiating between certain pastel colors. I had to call in reinforcements aka my daughter and hubby. 

Third, this puzzle was 1000 pieces with the image running long, not wide. Since I use a fold out table to work my puzzles, I had to turn it sideways. That was a real pain. Literally, my back was killing me after hunching over this beast. 

Even though this puzzle was annoying, you must admit that the finish product was beautiful. 

🧩 Happy Puzzling!! 🧩


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