Category: Adult Fiction, 416 pages
GenreParanormal Mystery
Publisher: Camcat Books
Publication Date: October, 2022
Content Rating: PG +M: There isn’t any particularly graphic content, but the story does revolve around a woman who is murdered, and there are some more mature topics touched on, primarily domestic abuse.
Book Description:

Trust No One. Especially Your Neighbors.

Rachel Drake is on the run from the man who killed her husband. She never leaves her safe haven in an anonymous doorman building, until one night a phone call sends her running. On her way to the garage, she is murdered in the elevator. But her story doesn’t end there.

She finds herself in the afterlife, tethered to her death spot, her reach tied to the adjacent apartments. As she rides the elevator up and down, the lives of the residents intertwine. Every one of them has a dark secret. An aging trophy wife whose husband strays. A surgeon guarding a locked room. A TV medium who may be a fraud. An ordinary man with a mysterious hobby.

​Compelled to spend eternity observing her neighbors, she realizes that any one of them could be her killer.

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Author Helen Power

Meet the Author:

Helen Power is obsessed with ghosts. She spends her free time watching paranormal investigation TV shows, hanging out in cemeteries, and telling anyone who’ll listen about her paranormal experiences. She is a librarian living in Saskatoon, Canada, and has several short story publications, including ones in Suspense Magazine and Dark Helix Press’s Canada 150 anthology, “Futuristic Canada”. The Ghosts of Thorwald Place is her first novel.

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